At Electric Battery, we are an environmentally focused organization and comply with all national, state, and local regulations. We are proactive in our environmental stewardship partnering with East Penn Manufacturing, located in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania for the recycling needs of all our customers.


The centerpiece of East Penn’s commitment to the environment can be found in their product stewardship principles that include a continuous product life cycle approach. The computer-controlled, closed-loop system is co-located with their manufacturing facilities, recycling virtually 100 percent of each spent battery received for processing.

Closed Loop Environmental Protection

  • Used, worn-out batteries are collected by East Penn trucks as new batteries are delivered and stored inside awaiting processing.
  • These batteries are safely broken and separated into lead, sulfuric acid and plastic.
  • Lead is safely reclaimed in our secondary smelter and refinery with no harmful emissions.
  • Sulfur fumes are trapped and processed into liquid fertilizer.
  • Sulfuric acid is reclaimed in the industry’s first acid reclamation plant under a patented process.
  • Used plastics are reclaimed and molded into new parts for batteries and accessories.
  • Reclaimed lead, plastics and sulfuric acid are used in the production of all types of new batteries and accessories.

Water Treatment

East Penn treats and reuses wastewater from its manufacturing processes in an ultramodern wastewater distillation and treatment plant that is unique within the industry. An exclusive patented system produces water of exceptional purity, suitable for re-use in the production of new energy storage devices. Another East Penn innovation is the recovery of sodium sulfate salt as a byproduct of the water treatment process.